Vintage Jewellery - A Groovy Blast from the Past

Vintage jewellery is having a major moment right now. Those retro rings, radical necklaces, and tubular earrings from decades past are proving jewellery doesn’t have to be modern to be mad cool. Vintage jewellery has a funky style and gnarly stories that you just don’t get from new bling today. So let this blog be your guide to this groovy jewellery from the past!

Killer Styles from Past Eras

Old jewellery from around the early 1900s to the 1970s has some far-out designs that really speak to different eras.

Art Deco Jewels of the 1920s/30s

  • Geometric patterns, bold colours, and sleek lines were super hip.
  • Platinum was the primo metal for these mod necklaces, bracelets, and more.
  • Old cut diamonds and colourful calibré gemstones gave these babes their sparkle.

Swingin' Retro Jewellery of the 30s/40s

  • Hollywood glamour was all the rage - think big gemstones and delicate filigree.
  • Platinum and white gold kept it classy and art deco shapes carried over.
  • Engraved flowers, bows, and aqua/citrine colours added vintage glam.

Fab Mid-Century Jewels of the 50s/60s

  • Clean, modernist lines with groovy abstract shapes.
  • Yellow gold was back in a big way for pins, cocktail rings, and pendants.
  • Funky retro plastics like Lucite entered the scene too.
  • Charm bracelets with 3D charms blew up in popularity.

Groovy Garlands of the Flower Power 60s

  • Chain link necklaces and pendants with beads, shells, and leather cords screamed boho chic.
  • Handcrafted silver cuffs and ear climbers brought earthy, tribal aesthetics.
  • Psychedelic colors, OTT designs embraced the tuning-in, dropping out vibe.
  • Granny glasses, peace signs, and yin-yang symbols abounded.

Nostalgic Materials that Made Vintage Jewellery Pop

These choice materials used back in the day gave vintage jewellery its bodacious beauty:

  • Platinum - This luxurious precious metal was the It girl of jewellery before white gold muscled in. More durable than silver, platinum settings showcase diamonds and gemstones with a soft white glow.
  • Rose gold - This romantic pinkish gold alloy had its heyday during the Victorian and Edwardian times. It created a tender, feminine look for necklaces and pins. Rose gold is groovy again today.
  • Jade - The Chinese prized this green mineral rock. Carved jade beads and pendants were hugely popular in Victorian jewellery. A top-notch de-stressing stone too!
  • Bakelite - This early plastic was invented in 1907 and was all over retro jewellery in the 1930s-40s. Bakelite bangles, beads, and knick-knacks came in trippy colours and patterns that really popped.
  • Lucite - This acrylic glass was the bodacious plastic for jewelry and accessories in the 1950s-60s. Lucite gave that translucent glow to bold cocktail rings and wild necklaces.
  • Enamel - This glassy coating on metal was colourful cloisonné enamel on Art Nouveau pieces and plique-à-jour styles. Groovy stuff!

Bitchin’ Reasons Vintage Jewellery Rules

There are some solid reasons why these vintage jewellery pieces from the past get our hearts racing:

The Hype of History

  • There’s something magical about wearing a token from another era as a necklace, ring, etc.
  • It connects you to all the gone-by people who wore it before you did. Pretty cosmic!

Epic Stories that Dazzle

  • Vintage jewellery is like a time capsule filled with unknown adventures. Where did it come from? Who wore it? You get to fill in the far out backstory!

One-of-a-Kind Vibes

  • Even mass-produced pieces back then are rare birds today. Vintage means singular and unique.
  • No basic retro jewellery piece will be exactly the same as any other - makes you feel like royalty!

Outta Sight Craftsmanship

  • Old school jewellery was meticulously hand crafted and well made to last ages.
  • You just don’t find that same attention to detail today in commercial, factory-produced jewellery. Major bummer!
  • Vintage = valuetown when it comes to superior quality that shines.

Hot Investment Potential

  • Certain vintage jewellery from top designers and periods can seriously appreciate in value over the years.
  • That means your vintage pieces could be worth way more down the road. Pretty solid investment!

Treasured Places to Get Your Vintage Jewellery Fix

Want to get your groovy fingers on some of these tubular vintage jewels? Here are some spots to start digging:

Local Antique Malls

  • Rows of rad vintage vendors all under one roof - antique mall magic!

Thrift & Charity Shops

  • Sometimes you find the most excellent vintage jewellery for cheap at secondhand stores - good karma too!

Online Retro Stores

  • Etsy, Ruby Lane and 1st Dibs have bangin’ selections of vintage jewellery ready to ship to your door.

Auction Houses

  • Check out Sotheby’s and Christie’s for auctions of really upscale vintage jewellery pieces.

Estate Sales

  • When an old eccentric aunt or uncle kicks the bucket, their estate sales can have some sweet heirloom jewellery finds!

Flea Markets & Garage Sales

  • You gotta dig, but unearthing vintage jewellery gems at flea markets and garage sales is the best!

Crafting Your Own Killer Vintage Jewellery Hoard

Want to amass your own stellar stash of vintage jewellery? Here are some far-out tips, baby!

  • Pick an era - Art Deco? Mid-century? Choose pieces from a specific time period that really send you.
  • Set a budget - Vintage jewellery costs a wide range but set limits to avoid overspending.
  • Find trusted sellers - Buy from reputable vintage dealers with solid knowledge and quality finds.
  • Examine carefully - Check for damage, repairs, and original stones before you buy.
  • Get appraisals - For more luxe pieces, have them valued by a jewellery appraiser.
  • Handle with care - Have vintage jewellery serviced and stored properly to avoid wear.
  • Rock those gems! - Flaunt your totally awesome vintage jewellery pieces every chance you get!

Vintage Jewellery - Yesterday’s Rad Styles for Today

From art-deco elegance to boho 60s pieces, vintage jewellery represents the absolute best of decades past. With its singular designs, quality craftsmanship, and bodacious stories, vintage jewellery outshines and outstyles anything coming out today. Take a trip back in time and make these groovy jewels from another era part of your look! Peace out!