Upcoming Jewelry Trends to Watch in 2023

The new year is almost here, which means it's time to look ahead at the upcoming jewellery trends for 2023! From bold statement pieces to delicate and minimalist designs, there are many exciting new styles on the horizon. As we enter a new era, jewellery is evolving to match our changing lifestyles and values.

Get ready to update your jewellery box, because these are the top jewellery trends you need to know about for 2023:

Organic Shapes and Textures

Natural, organic shapes and textures will be popular for jewellery in 2023. Flowing, asymmetrical designs inspired by nature will be a big trend. Botanical motifs like leaves, flowers, vines, and shells will adorn rings, pendants, earrings and more.

Textured metals, wood grains, rough stones, and hammered finishes add depth and visual interest. Mixing polished metals with matte finishes creates an earthy, boho vibe. Stacked rings with leaf shapes and rough-cut stones epitomize this organic style.

Chunky Chains

Bigger is better when it comes to necklaces and bracelets. Bold, chunky chains will be everywhere in 2023. Heavy link chains, beads, and pendants make a dramatic statement.

Yellow gold is back in favour, with demand rising for chains in 10K and 14K gold. But sterling silver and fashion jewellery chains also feed into the trend. Layer contrasting metals and sizes for a stacked look. Add charms and locks for personalization.

Minimalist Jewelry

At the other end of the spectrum, minimalist jewellery remains popular for its simplicity and elegance. The trend toward minimalism reflects a focus on quality over quantity, with an emphasis on fine materials and craftsmanship.

Delicate gold and silver necklaces with paperclip and lariat designs are minimalist standouts. Slender stackable rings and Huggies embrace the less-is-more aesthetic. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and small pave stones strip jewellery down to its most essential form.

Bold Colored Gems

Vibrant coloured gems breathe new life into jewellery design. After years of muted tones and pastels, bright gemstone hues like emerald green, cobalt blue, and magenta are surging in popularity.

Rubies, sapphires, tourmalines, garnets, and spinels make stunning statement pieces. Multistone designs that mix complementary colours are also on trend. coloured gems align with the rise of 90s and Y2K throwback fashions.

Modern Pearls

A jewellery box staple gets a modern makeover for 2023. Classic strands and studs now mingle with funky pearls in vibrant colours and unusual shapes. Baroque pearls, chokers, hoops, stacks, and layers put an updated spin on timeless elegance.

Mismatched pearl earrings and necklaces are fun for mixing shapes, sizes, and colours. horn and coin pearls add sculptural allure. Dramatic black Tahitian pearls make the gem a bold neutral. Pearls fuse elegance with on-trend individuality.

Yellow Gold Comeback

Say goodbye to silver and rose gold - yellow gold is making a comeback! The '80s and '90s made yellow gold impossibly uncool. But for 2023, warm golden hues feel new again and complement the earthy colour palette.

Expect to see yellow gold settings, hardware, and accents across jewellery categories. Chains, hoops, signet rings, and pendant necklaces shine in yellow gold. An increase in gold prices adds to the appeal of yellow gold as a smart investment. For vintage luxury, collect pre-owned yellow-gold designs.

Personalized Pieces

Unique personalized pieces allow you to put your stamp on jewellery trends. Monogram necklaces, birthstone rings, engraved bracelets, and zodiac pendants transform jewellery into meaningful keepsakes.

Mixing initial, birth month, and zodiac details makes the options even more personalized. Names spelt out in minimalist lines or quotes engraved onto bangles or charms add sentimental value. DIY crafting kits also allow you to create your 

own custom jewellery pieces.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Ethically sourced lab-grown diamonds eclipse mined diamonds in popularity. The environmental impact and human costs of mining make mined gems less socially conscious. Lab-grown diamonds have the same hardness, clarity, and brilliance as mine, but with less damage to the earth.

Lab diamonds open new avenues for personalized cuts, colours, and settings. Mix diamond shapes and shades in one piece for a unique look. Lab diamonds will increase in availability and affordability while meeting the demand for sustainable luxury. Their growing popularity makes them a jewellery trend to watch.

Handmade and Artisan

In a digital world, jewellery that evokes human craftsmanship gains appeal. Handmade and artisan-designed pieces that feel personal and one-of-a-kind will resonate with shoppers. The imperfections and natural variations of handmade jewellery add to its beauty.

Supporting small businesses and individual jewellers through marketplaces like Etsy drives the movement. Classic techniques like engraving, embossing, chiselling, etching, and wire wrapping see renewed interest. Handmade jewellery reflects the wider return to analogue in 2023.

Repurposed Vintage

Giving vintage and antique jewellery new life connects to values like sustainability and individuality. Classic pieces feel fresh again with modern updates like resetting stones or refashioning materials. Refurbished vintage designs retain the charm of past eras.

Collecting and repurposing family heirlooms also taps into jewellery reuse. Turning inherited jewels into new customized pieces preserves their emotional value. The combination of old and new in recycled jewellery designs feels both timely and timeless for 2023.

The Takeaway

Jewellery trends for 2023 reflect changing tastes and values. Shoppers want statement pieces that reflect their individuality, as well as eco-friendly, socially conscious gems. But classic styles like pearls and yellow gold prove jewellery traditions persist, with modern updates. Minimalist simplicity and bold colours co-exist in self-expression.

As 2023 approaches, keep an eye out for these emerging jewellery trends. Organic shapes, chunky chains, colourful gems, lab-grown diamonds and artisan handmade designs will help you refresh your jewellery collection in the new year. Which pieces do you have your eye on? The possibilities for unique and stylish looks are endless!