Layered Chain Link Necklaces Are Back in Style

Chain link necklaces are having a major moment in fashion right now. The 1990s trend of layering multiple chains together has made a fresh, modern return. Mixing different metals and styles creates dimensional looks that add edge to any outfit. 


The Return of the Chain Link Necklace Trend

Chunky chain necklaces were everywhere in the 90s but fell out of popularity in the early 2000s. Now chains are back in a big way, with the layered look being spotted on celebrities and street style stars. The layered chain look oozes cool-girl vibe.


Layering Necklaces for a Modern Look 

The key to nailing the layered chain trend is mixing up your chains. Try combining different metals, lengths, thicknesses, and styles. Stacking straight chains with a choker chain and adding a coin pendant chain together creates visual interest. The more creative you get with mixing and matching, the better.


Mixing Metals and Styles for Interest

Play with combining silver, gold, and rose gold chains for a stylish look. You can also incorporate chains with and without pendants. Mixing metals and styles adds depth and contrast. Try layering a thin gold box chain with a chunky silver curb link chain for an eye-catching pairing.


High-End Designer Chain Link Necklaces

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For luxury takes on chains, look to iconic designers like:


Adding Chains to Your Existing Jewelry Collection 

The best part about the layered chain trend is you likely already own pieces you can incorporate. Look through your jewelry box for dainty necklaces and chains you can start mixing together. Adding new layered chain combinations revitalizes your existing pieces. 


Different Chain Styles to Try Layering

From classic to modern, chain necklaces offer endless styling variety:

  • Curb, box, cable, rolo 
  • Paper clip, Marina
  • Snake, twist, wheat
  • Ball, bead, tassel
  • Chokers  
  • Lockets

Choosing the Right Lengths for Layering 

When layering chains, variety in lengths creates dimension. Try a mix of lengths like:

  • 16-18 inches for choker  
  • 18-20 inches for shorter chains
  • 20-24 for mid-length chains
  • 24-30 inches for long chains
  • Pendants at 36 inches or longer

Playing with Proportions - Thick and Thin Chains

Mixing delicate and chunky chains together adds visual interest to your necklace layers. Try pairing thin chains with larger feature chains like thick chokers or giant curb links. The combo of dainty and bold makes a statement.


Making a Statement with Chunky Chains 

Thick chain necklaces with oversized links make the ultimate modern statement. Add a chunky Cuban link or giant curb chain to anchor your layers. The substantial chains juxtaposed with delicate ones create striking looks. 


Keeping it Subtle with Delicate Chains

For a lower-key layered look, stack dainty chains together. Graduated lengths of thin 14k or 18k gold chains create an elegant layered look. This necklace pairing complements both casual everyday outfits and dressy occasions.


The Comeback of Gold Chains

After years of dominance by silver and platinum, gold chains are back in fashion. Yellow gold necklaces look great alone or layered with white metals. Try mixing a thin 14k gold box chain with a Rose gold cable chain.


Silver Chains for an Edgy Look 

Sterling silver chain necklaces offer brightness and sheen. They bring acool, edgy vibe to layered looks. Mix silver with gold for added contrast. Chunky silver snake chains make a statement.


Mixing Gold, Silver, Rose Gold for Contrast

Why stick to one metal when you can layer all three? Combining yellow, white, and rose gold chain necklaces creates a luxe multi-tonal look. Mix metals in complementary chains like rose gold with silver.


Pairing Chains with Pendants for Added Interest

While chains look great alone, customized pendants take your layers to the next level. Try adding monograms, diamonds, gemstones, or zodiac charms to your chains. This allows you to get creative and personalized.


Matching Chains with Earrings and Bracelets 

For a pulled-together look, coordinate your necklaces with earrings and bracelets. For example, pair thin gold chains with hoops and a tennis bracelet. Or silver chains with studs and bangles. Matching your metals and styles pulls any outfit together.


How to Style Layered Chains for Daytime Wear

Layer shorter delicate chains over t-shirts, tanks, or button-downs for casual daytime cool. Keep your chains minimal and low-key for running errands and weekend wear. Save the chunkier chains for night.


Amping Up the Glam for Nighttime  

Layered chains make the ultimate statement for the evening. Try chunky gold chokers layered with mixed metal pendants over sleek dresses or jumpsuits. Use bold, layered chains to dress up your party look.


Adding Chains to Your Go-To Outfits

Elevate your everyday ensembles by simply incorporating chains:

  • Over blazers with jeans or workwear 
  • With button-downs or blouses
  • On any dress or neckline,
  • Mixed with pearls or beads  
  • Punk edge with leather jackets
  • Add shine to plain tops and tanks


Affordable Chain Finds to Get the Look 

The good news is chains are available at all budget levels to get the layered look:

  • Fashion jewellery stores like Zara and H&M
  • Amazon and Etsy for cheap chain options
  • Smaller independent designers
  • Vintage and resale stores  

You don't have to spend a lot to experiment with the layered chain trend.


Caring for Your Chain Link Necklaces 

To extend the life of your chains, store them properly to avoid tangles and breakage. Keep each chain in a separate pouch. Gently wipe clean with soft cloth to remove grime and oils. Avoid submerging in water. Bring to jeweler for periodic inspections.


Storing Chains Properly to Avoid Tangles   

The best way to store chains is in individual fabric pouches to avoid tangling, according to jewelry experts. Coil chains gently and store in pouches. Hang pouches on hooks or keep in jewelry boxes with divided sections. Never ball chains up tightly.  


Layering Chains with Other Necklaces

Get creative mixing your chain necklaces with other pieces like:

  • Pearls, beads, shells
  • Pendant, lockets  
  • Leather or ribbon ties
  • Scarves, bandanas 
  • Chokers, collars

Layering chains with various textures creates intrigue. 


DIY Options for Customizing Chain Necklaces

Unleash your creativity by DIYing your own layers:

  • Make chain tassel extensions
  • Connect multiple chains with jump rings
  • Use jewelry pliers to create new patterns
  • Add customized pendants 
  • Spray paint chains new colours
  • Swap out clasps for lobster, hooks, toggles


History of the Chain Link Necklace Trend

  • The late 1800s: Industrial age brings machined chain jewelry 
  • 1920s: Long beaded and tassel necklaces with pendants
  • 1970s: Gold chains gain popularity  
  • 1980s: Pop stars wear multiple chunky chains
  • 1990s: Layered dainty chains reach peak trend
  • Early 2000s: Chains fade from popularity
  •  2020s: Chain necklaces back with new mix and match styling  


The layered chain necklace continues to evolve through decades of jewelry fashion.


How to Layer Chains Like a Pro

When curating your chain layers, keep these tips in mind:

  • Vary metals, lengths, thicknesses 
  • Mix textures like diamonds or beads
  • Add personalized pendants  
  • Anchor with substantial focal chains  
  • Keep delicate chains closer to the neck
  • Let longer pieces and pendants hang below
  • Finish with your favourite chain style
  • Re-style your layers into new combinations

Have fun playing with different looks - there are endless possibilities to keep your chain necklaces fresh.


The versatile layered chain necklace trend lets you refresh your jewelry box and outfits with new stylish combinations. With chains, you can be subtle or loud, classic or eclectic. Layer up and show off your modern boho chic style.

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